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The Best of both Worlds

An 18 year old Superior Girl from another realm has tracked Ro'gash to earth prime. She is confronted by his newly recruited guardians Superia and Calista and they have no plans on letting their master be captured. Ro'gash commands Superia and Calista to engage Superior Girl while he probes her mind in an attempt to weaken powers. Superior Girl manages to best his girls so he combines his powers with Calista and blasts Superior Girl with a Meteor ray which weakens her enough to full probe her mind. Superior girls strength continues to fade with a barrage of sexual humiliation from Calista and Ro'gash as Superia holds her in place. Ro'gash knows that Superior Girl is trying to avoid a full transformation as she would be locked in earth prime forever. As the battle progresses she has little choice and faces Ro'gash at full strength but it proves to be to late.. Superior Girl is no longer physically able to match Ro'gash and takes a severe beating. She is then placed in green meteor bonds that drain the rest of her strength! Ro'gash plans to fully dominate her mind but must force her to cum before the brain washing is complete. Calista tries by hand and fails, and then so does Ro'gash who orders Calista to bring him the Red terror from Damions lab. Superior Girl is overwhelmed by this device vibrating on her crotch and nearly cums but the device gives way before it can force her to orgasm. Ro'gash decides to finish her off the old fashion way and ravages Superior Girl on the floor while he forces several blistering orgasms from her young body.

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